Letter from Our Socio-Founder 2024

Letter from Our Socio-Founder 2024

Dear Colaboradores & Followers of EpiDisease


As we embark on the journey that is 2024, I find myself reflecting on the incredible strides we’ve made and the exciting challenges that lie ahead for EpiDisease.

Our commitment to innovation, coupled with cutting-edge technologies in genetics, epigenetics, and artificial intelligence positions EpiDisease as a trailblazer in the biotech landscape.

This year promises to be a pivotal chapter in our pursuit of excellence. It will be marked by multiple clinical performance trials that will shape the of the diagnosis, prognosis and management in the two therapeutic areas of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS) and Sepsis where we are bringing the ultimate generation of precision in vitro diagnostic tools to the market.


These trials are not just experiments; they are the gateway to transformative and pragmatic solutions that have the power to revolutionize healthcare and provide opportunities for physician specialists to provide precision care which will have a profound impact on the hundreds of millions lives of the patients and families that can use them.

As we gear up for these real world clinical performance trials, I am reminded of the reasons why we founded this Company, that marks its 10th Anniversary this year, and the responsibility we carry—to deliver products that disrupt the way that healthcare is provided, allowing prognostic insight into complex diseases so that physicians can make pre-emptive and data-based clinical decisions. 

Our dedication to precision and the personalisation of medicine is more than a corporate objective; it’s a promise to the individuals whose lives may be touched profoundly by our diagnostic solutions.

The CE mark certification that awaits us is not merely a regulatory milestone; it is a testament to the tireless efforts of each member of our team. It signifies our unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and efficacy. We embrace these trials with the knowledge that every data point collected is a step toward bringing these ground-breaking IVD products to the market


In the intersection of genetics, epigenetics, and AI, we find the synergy and stimulus that propels us forward. It’s a convergence of disciplines that empowers us to unravel the complexities of human health with unprecedented clarity. Our journey towards these CE-marked portfolios is not just about products; it’s about contributing to a future of personalized, effective and cost-efficient healthcare that will provide better patient outcomes in a sustainable way.


At EpiDisease we are committed to seizing these opportunities, overcoming the challenges, and making 2024 a defining chapter in Our story.

Your support and guidance have allowed us to get to this pivotal point, and on behalf of the Company I want to pass on Our heartfelt thanks, and ask for your continued confidence and collaboration. 

Our collective efforts will not only shape the success of our company but also impact the lives of those who benefit from the fruits of our labour.

Here’s to a year of innovation, collaboration, and triumphs.

Warm regards,

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