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Epigenetics in Precision Medicine

Epigenetics in Precision Medicine. Ed. 1 (Academic Press, Elsevier)

Our CEO Dr. José Luis García-Giménez has edited “Epigenetics in Precisiom Medicine”, Ed.1 (Vol.30). A new volume of Translational Epigenetics Series edited by Academic Press (Elsevier).

Epigenetics in Precision Medicine examines the challenges of advancing epigenetic research and translating findings to the medicine and drug discovery in different areas of medicine, as well as current solutions; chapter authors discuss how to leverage epigenomic technologies, applications, and tools, such as next-generation sequencing #NGS, to discover new epigenetic biomarkers for clinical settings.
Epigenetics in Precision Medicine focuses on complex epigenetic mechanisms in several pathologies including cancer, metabolic disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, bone disease, infertility and immune-related disorder, and explores how epigenetics contributes to precision medicine, not only by improving in vitro diagnostic, but by providing new therapeutic approaches to treat human disease. The book P

provides a thorough grounding in epigenetics-driven precision medicine, with emphasis on developing and implementing early diagnosis and prognosis biomarkers, and supporting patient stratification

The book includes the following chapters:

  1. Perspectives and future directions of Translational Epigenetics in Personalized and Precision Medicine
    2. Translational Epigenetics in Precision medicine of colorectal cancer
    3. Epigenetics inPrecision medicine of breast cancer
    4. Epigenetics and Precision medicine in prostate cancer
    5. Epigenetics and precision medicine in lung cancer
    6. Epigenetics and precision medicine in bone and Soft Tissue sarcomas
    7. Epigenetics and precision medicine in gynecological cancer
    8. Epigenetics in precision medicine of pancreatic cancer
    9. Epigenetics and precision medicine in diabetes and obesity prevention and management
    10. Epigenetics in precision medicine of cardiovascular disease
    11. Epigenetic markers for major psychosis as targets for precision medicine
    12. Epigenetics and precision medicine in infertility and reproductive medicine
    13. Epigenetics and precision medicine in neurodegenerative Diseases
    14. Epigenetics and precision medicine in auto-immune diseases
    15. Epigenetics and precision medicine in allergic diseases
    16. Epigenetics in spine curvature disorders
    17. Epigenetics and precision medicine in infectious diseases
    18. Epigenetics and precision medicine in Rare Diseases
    19. EpiSwitch biomarkers based on chromosomal conformation signatures for personalized medicine
    20. Application of hypermethylated DNA markers for the detection of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) in colorectal

Epigenetics in Precision Medicine empowers researchers and clinicians to incorporate epigenetics in new disease research, drug discovery, and clinical practice.

More information in the following link:


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